Monday, November 17, 2008

I need a Hero(es)

What's with 'Heroes'?
After a bang up first season filled with mystery, humour, and a phrase that bored into the public consciousness ("Save the cheerleader, save the world!"), it's now halfway through an altogether lackluster third season, itself preceded by an interminable second.  Things started out well enough, but by this point we're watching characters we don't particularily care about repeat virtually the same scene over and over, episode after episode, making baby steps toward the revelation of what's sure to be a vast and complex conspiracy thatzzzzzz.

In tonight's show, Peter and Claire have a scene where he tries to convince her to go home and protect her innocence, but then bad guys start closing in and she tells him to run - she'll fend them off.  Peter abruptly drops his manhood and takes off.  Insert a couple of scenes following other plotlines, then we return to Peter and Claire, still on the run from the baddies.  Once again, he tries to talk her into going home.  Once again,  villains close in, Claire tells Peter to run and he complies.  Seriously, was this a cut and paste job?  Did some sort of screenplay program malfunction?  And worst of all, the episode was written by series creator Tim Kring!

Sadly, I think it'll probably take two more seasons before it's run out of town like a gunslinger cheating at poker, but the show has officially worn out it's welcome for me.

Hancock Revisited

My review of the Blu-ray release of Hancock was posted today - the film is now available in a somewhat longer unrated version that solves some, but not all, of my issues with the picture.  Overall, it's a much improved experience, even if it's still kind of short.